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BUTTERFLIES of BELIZE, a five piece collection, celebrates the wonder of the world of the butterfly and their migration from the Yucatan Peninsula to the Cockscomb Basin and the rain forest jungles of the Sittee River located in central Belize. The Giant Blue Morpho spreads its wings and the artist captures the feeling of the moment and the magic of the butterflies of Belize to the world traveler who comes to Belize and appreciates these fragile creatures. Butterflies are farmed in Belize for distribution around the world.


Limited Edition Prints available

Run of 500 signed, numbered, matted and shipped in plastic sleeve. Each print is pulled by the artist.

Limited Edition 8 x 10 in 11 x 14 mat $35 U.S.

Limited Edition 5 x 7 in 8 x 10 mat $25 U.S.

Shipping from Belize



B001 Godyris Duilla Female


B003 Giant Blue Morpho


B005 Silverspot

B002 Morpho


B004 Pseudohaetera Hypaesia


The Butterfly and the Heart


Mayan Indians believe that inside the Earth Fruit level of creation, there are two simultaneous faces of reality, called The Twins: the world where we dream and the world where we work. To a shaman, a dream is not the creation of the mind, psyche or soul, it is a remembered fragment of the experience of one's natural spirit in the twin world, the dreamworld. The twin world of dreams, like this world, never ceases living, forming as it does a parallel continuum of the waking world. It actually forms one half of the substance of our lives.


Although the landscape of dreams may seem different than the landscape of the awake world, it is actually the balanced opposite, reversed version, where our souls live out our body's lives reenacted as if in a complex kind of mirror. Like the two opposite wings of a butterfly, the dreamworld is one wing and the awake world is the other wing. The butterfly must have both wings connected at the Heart in order to fly and function.


Neither wing - dreams or waking - contains all of life. Real life occurs as a result of the interaction of the two. The life is the butterfly's heart, and both dreaming and awake working life are necessary to keep the heart alive. Our lives, like the butterfly's heart are kept aloft by two opposing mirror-like wings. This heart is the third thing, the Rukux heart that all ritual seeks to feed and keep alive.


Excerpt from "Secrets of the Talking Jaguar"

by Martin Prechtel