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Belizean Reef Collection

The BELIZEAN REEF collection of watercolor is an extension of Lee Vanderwalker's investigation of environmental concerns and increasing knowledge about the Belize and its most precious natural resource, The Reef. This, the second longest barrier reef in the world, is a global treasure. Although there seems to no concern about the health of the reef at present time, the artist hopes to show off the brilliance of reef life through her impressions of its inhabitants. The coral and the fish of the reef system are a treasure which is visited by thousands of divers each year and is becoming a well known asset of the western Caribbean. The vibrant colors of the Belizean Reef collection show the tropical fish of the reef in decidedly happy and contented groupings amongst the coral. It is important that these inhabitants of Belize and their reef remain as they are in perpetuity. 

The tepid waters of the Caribbean are a reminder that on Mother Earth this was likely the conditions when all life began. Viewing the Great Barrier Reef of Belize the visitor sees in stark, bright, vibrant colors and patterns that Mother Nature continues to try new combinations and new themes for evolution as seen in the myriad of shapes and sizes of fishes in the corals. If the fundamentalist view is preferred then all this beauty is for our own enjoyment. This does not change the nature of the experience of the viewer. Observing the intensity of the beauty of nature on the reef, in the in-shore waters or in the savanna or in the jungles, evokes emotions of shear reverence for what is here for the observer to absorb. Either way, Vanderwalker brings these themes home to you in her Belizean Reef Collection.


Limited Edition Prints available

Run of 500 signed, numbered, matted and shipped in plastic sleeve. Each print is pulled by the artist.

Limited Edition 8 x 10 in 11 x 14 mat $35 U.S.

Limited Edition 5 x 7 in 8 x 10 mat $25 U.S.

Shipping from Belize


Yellowtail Snapper




Midnight Parrotfish




Butterfly Fish


Redband Parrotfish